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Got my condo rented in record time

thank you guys for your service. I got many calls from expatriates and rented my condo within a short...


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How do I sign up?

Use the register link on the left.  When you sign up make sure that the check box for "Agree to terms" is checked on. If you get an error with the code from the image, refresh the page and try the registration again. We use the image verification to stop automated tools from signing up as users.


Can I post the Ad for free?

Yes. Absolutely! You can post up to one ad for free. If you are a real estate agent or if you want to put more than one Ad you can do it for a nominal fee. Please contact If you are a broker/company then we charge a nominal fee.


Why I am getting an error "Ad Limit Exceeded"?

We allow only one ad per account. For a nominal fee you can put more ads. Please contact If you are a broker/company then we charge a nominal fee.


Why my email is concealed or truncated?

As per our privacy policy we don't want to reveal any member's email ID to avoid spam. Our automated software will try to delete part of your email to protect your privacy.


How do I use Google Map to post my Ad?

Click on New Ad link on the left. Logon if you have not already done so. Fill in the property details. In the bottom you will see Google Map. If your location is not already displayed then zoom out and select the city and zoom in till you locate your property. Click on the location using the mouse. The following picture sample shows a property near third main road.

Type a title and click on the save button. This saves the location of your property with a marker.

This helps potential tenants to look for your property and make the deal faster and better. A picture is indeed worth thousand words.


What is saved search and email alert?

If you use the same search criteria again and again then you can save the search parameters after you login. For example if you are looking for flats in Orchard Road all the time then create a saved search with "Available", "Flat", "Orchard Road". You can use this to search again and again.


Now you can use the saved search to alert you with automatic notification of all the new ads matching the criteria.


How to view Private Messages

Click on My PMs link on the left; this will show all the PMs in the Inbox and Sent Box. Click on the View Message link on each message. This will display the message using AJAX (Web 2.0) functionality without refreshing the entire page. Click on Hide to close the message.


How to Visually Compare Ads?

It is not always possible to remember the ads you browse. We have a feature where you can compare up to 5 ads visually. Here are the steps to follow :-
  • First look at the ad you are interested in
  • Click on the "compare this ad" link as shown
  •  compare ad first step
  • This adds the ad to the list of ads to compare as shown 
  •  compare table
  • Now click on the Compare Ads Now link to visually look at the results !
  • compare results

Getting additional Help

Use the Live Help link on the left or send us an email to We are proud to have an excellent customer support team and we will help you in any way we can.


Advertising in our site

If you are interested in advertising in our site (links or text banners), please contact As you can see our main focus is to serve our customers and to be the number one rental portal in Singapore. Ad revenue is not our main focus and we want to have very few ads which will add value to our visitors.