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I am a expat owner and was able to sell my condo to another expat within 2 weeks time; I saved lot of...


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Welcome to web site, our objective is to make this site a one-stop web site for customers in Singapore looking for rental properties. We have tried our best to have accurate information, but there could be some errors in the catalogs due to human errors in data entry. Should you encounter any errors please inform us by email at
No part of this web site can be copied and or distributed in any format without the prior permission of the owners of the site in writing. The owners and operators of this site is not liable in any way of any of the information in this site. The ads are posted by individual/companies which we do not have any control to verify the authenticity of the ads. It is up to the visitors to make the proper judgement.
Limitations of Free Membership
Note that we offer free membership to both owners and agents. Free memebrs can create maximum of one ad per hand phone number. Free members can not see the contact details of potential customers (leads), can not send, receive or respond to private messages from customers and can not see the contact details of customers who post comments on the ad.
Members should not post any copyrighted pictures or pictures from third party or pictures that is no way related to the rental property. Members should not put any external links to other web sites in any part of the ad.
Please put your handphone number and contact information only; do not post handphone number of any other person who has not authorized you to do so. We track all user activities using IP address and we will help law enforcement agencies in case of misuse of phone numbers.
Free Members should not put any email, phone number and website in any part of the ad.
If you do not accept any part of our terms and conditions then please do not post any ad in our site or if you already have ads please delete it. Note that your account is kept in our database for legal reasons and it will not be deleted. Only your ads can be deleted